“As a teacher in Closter for 20 years, I always get excited when I see that I am getting a student from Lindgren Nursery School. I know that student will come with a love of learning, the ability to get along well with others, a creative mind and authentic problem-solving skills. Research shows that there is a direct link between play, intellectual development and emotional well-being. Lindgren proves this year after year!!”

Becky Dippolito, Teacher at Hillside Elementary, Closter, NJ

“Family, special, warm, caring…the words that come to mind about this wonderful nursery school, where we have sent our son for the past two years. Every morning, our son gets so excited because it’s a school day—and he is learning and growing so much. He is outside almost every single day, getting his body moving and getting fresh air. He is surrounded by teachers and staff who care so much and love being there. We could not be happier with our school choice.”

Parent, Summer Camp

“The quality of care, instruction, and compassion that my daughter received here has far exceeded my expectations. For maintaining such incredibly high standards so successfully all these years, we want to thank you. Never did I think I would be so happy to pick up a sand-tinted, dusty, grinning toddler, covered in paint. I love that she is able to collect rocks every day. I love that she can play so freely as much as she likes. I love the low-key way in which holidays and celebrations are feted. And I love that her sensitivity is handled with such individual attention. I have never felt even a moment’s hesitation leaving my daughter with any member of your staff.”

Claudia Jannucci, Parent and Lindgren alum

“Lindgren is physically and philosophically unique. They understand that early childhood education is not only about academic readiness, but really about the emotional and social development of children in their first setting outside the family. The staff is very loving and I'm sure that there is no one there who views their work as “just a job.” The sheer longevity of the school speaks to how wonderful it really is. It is the same place where my siblings and I went to nursery school.”    

Parent and Lindgren Alum

“Lindgren embraces the philosophy that children learn and grow through play. Childhood is honored at Lindgren, fun is integral to each day, and the teachers and staff respect each child and her unique path.”

Parent, Nursery School

“Lindgren Nursery School is a magical place for children. All children are given endless opportunities to explore and discover through play. As a parent and an educator, Lindgren was a wonderful place for both my children to learn and grow socially, emotionally, and academically.”

Nicole Alpern, Elementary Teacher, Closter, NJ

“We feel all four of our children have thrived in the Lindgren environment of encouraged exploration, kindness and firm, yet subtle, structure.”

Parent, Summer Camp

“I chose Lindgren School because, honestly, there is no other school in Bergen County that I felt had such a unique and special way with its students. The philosophy was key in my daughter’s early development. She had wonderful teachers, and was able to play with all types of kids while learning through play. At the school—and now camp—she has learned to garner relationships with peers, while enjoying everything Lindgren has taught her. She socializes beautifully, has a fantastic yoga tree pose (!), and isn’t afraid to be herself through and through. It is the most beautiful learning environment! My daughter and I have made lifelong friendships at Lindgren.”

Beth Thomas Cohen, Parent